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Punctuation, uppercase, acronyms etc...
  • Consistent typographic treatment is required for the wide range of names, titles, times, and locations that are a significant part of YAI's lingo.
  • Contact Communications & Professional Information if you have any questions.


Use of uppercase and acroynms in program names, titles and headlines

  • Uppercase formal names and titles.
  • Sentence case headlines and tag lines and publication/event titles.
  • Spell out agencies, services, and program names whenever possible.
  • Minimize use of acronyms.

Personal names and titles

  • Credentials do not have punctuation.
  • Uppercase professional titles.
  • Use en-dash with spaces to separate credentials and professional titles.
  • Do not break a person's first and last name and/or credentials.
  • Professional titles list position first then department.
  • Separate position and department with a comma.
  • Do not break a professional title.


  • Use lower case time designations am, pm, noon or midnight.
  • Eliminate spaces before time designations.
  • Do not punctuate time designations.
  • Include 00 when referring to the top of the hour.
  • Indicate mid-day and mid-night as 12:00pm and 12:00am.

Phone/fax numbers

  • Punctuate phone and fax numbers.
  • Do not place parenthesis around area codes.
  • Use "x" when listing an extension.
  • Do not break up phone or fax numbers.

Web and email addresses

  • Eliminate "http://" and/or "www".
  • Use lower case in emails and urls.
  • Do not break emails or urls.


  • Spell out Avenue, Street, floor, etc. whenever possible.
  • Spell out avenue names and use numbers for the street names.
  • Use official two-letter state abbreviation with no periods.
  • Use superscript for contractions -st, -nd, -rd, and -th.
  • Do not use contractions in email signatures.